We are participating providers for Medicare, Rocky Mountain Health Plan, and VSP. We will also bill directly to CNIC through Telski, Town of Telluride, and Town of Mountain Village and Cigna.

We routinely file as a non-participating provider with various insurance companies such as Anthem/Blue Cross Blue Shield. As a non-participating provider these services will require pre-payment at the time of service and your insurance carrier will reimburse you directly.

Many patients are now on high deductible medical plans and we will help organize the necessary paperwork to get our services applied to your deductible.

We strive to help coordinate insurance info and payments for our patients, please call with any questions.

We also accept personal checks, cash, credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover) for payment.

Did you know that your eye care could possibly be billed under either your medical or vision insurance depending on you eye condition?

If you have a medical issue with your eyes or vision, for example a red eye, dry eye irritation, cataracts or glaucoma, your medical insurance may be billed for this office visit.

If your primary reason for the appointment at our office is an updated glasses /contact lens prescription your vision insurance will be billed.

In the last several years many insurance carriers have offered preventive yearly eye care exams. We recommend verifying your eyecare benefits yearly with your insurance carrier

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