At our optical boutique we have a full range of glasses frames from fun and funky to classic and timeless. We also offer an assortment of lens options to suit you and your lifestyle. Our trained opticians are here to help find the best glasses for you!

We carry a wide variety of frames from many manufactures. Some of the brands we have include.

For the best quality lenses we use an offsite lab. Most orders take 7 to 10 business days to manufacture your customized eye wear. and have it ready for you to pick up. As a courtesy,  rush orders can be placed when necessary. This can decrease turn around time to approximately 7 days.

All of our frames and lenses are guaranteed to be priced competitively and we offer courtesy eyewear adjustments and cleaning products to our patients without an appointment.

Try this fun interactive guide that asks questions about your lifestyle and visual needs to help you better understand many of the options you’ll want to know about when selecting your new eyeglass frames and lenses.

Today’s UV rating in Telluride

Did you know that at 8,750 feet of elevation in Telluride you are exposed to significantly more ultra violet (UV) light then other places in the United States? Adding this to the large number of outdoor activities we in the Telluride community enjoy, during many of which we spend a significant amount of time above 10,000 feet where the UV level increases, we are at high risk for damage from UV light. This damage has been liked to many eye conditions like cataracts and macular degeneration. So just like wearing sunscreen for your skin your eyes need protection too! We recommend UV treated glasses lenses, sunglasses and contact lenses that have UV protection.

For more information on the effects of UV light on your eyes check out The Vision Council’s recently released report “Eye Protection is Always in Season”.

Want to know more about what we offer?

In our optical boutique at Alpine Eyecare we offer state of the art digital lens processing system for single vision or progressive addition lens. This newer technology helps to reduce distortion through your glasses and can significantly improve your visual experience and computer vision.

At Alpine Eyecare we know how important your vision is during your recreational activities are so we cater to the Telluride community with lots of options for biking, running and even ski goggle inserts.

We offer the Liberty Sport Switch Interchange system of frames. This system utilizes an easy to use magnetic clip that allows you to instantly swap lenses so you can go from clear glasses to light sunglasses for those cloudy days to dark sunglass lenses in an instant.

Sunglasses are a key part of life here in Telluride. They help make vision more comfortable on our beautiful sunny days and they help to protect your eyes from harmful UV light but sunglasses can be made even better with when they are polarized. Polarized sunglass lenses help to cut down on glare from water and snow making vision clearer.

Progressive Addition Lens (PALs) or no-line bifocals offer you freedom from reading glasses just like traditional lined bifocals, but they also offer the advantage of help for intermediate or computer vision, all in one lens. There are many brands and types of PALs out there for different frame types and visual needs. Knowing which PAL to choose can be difficult but our expert opticians are there to help! If you spend most of your day on the computer at work we can even help you a sign a separate pair of office PALs for the computer and reading or distance

Glasses lenses can be made out of many different materials. Traditionally they were made out of, you guessed it, glass. However glass lens were very heavy, thick and can easily chip or break. Today you have so many more options.

Standard plastic lenses are made of a material called CR-39. It is readily available, easy to add tint to and significantly lighter than glass but it also not very impact resistance.

For a safer more impact resistant lenses there are several options including polycarbonate and Trivex.

Polycarbonate lens are frequently recommended for children, since they tend to be very tough on their glasses. Polycarbonate is lighter than traditional plastic lenses and is 40 times more resistant to chipping and shattering then the FDA requires. It also has a natural UV protective nature, which is great news here at high altitude where UV light can be even more of an issue.

Trivex was invented for the military and was specially designed to be thinner and lighter than polycarbonate. Like polycarbonate it is resistant to chipping and shattering and has excellent UV protection but it is even thinner and lighter. It is also more scratch resistant than polycarbonate and has better optical properties. What does that mean for you? It means clearer more comfortable vision with glasses that look even better.

If you have a very high glasses prescription you know how heavy your glasses can be so we recommend high index lenses. High index lenses are the thinnest and lightest of all glasses and can make glasses far more comfortable. When you combine high index lenses with an anti-reflective coating you get a winning combination of lightweight lenses and great glare free lenses and vision.

Plastic lenses

  • Easy to tint
  • Lighter weight than glass


  • Lighter and more impact resistance than plastic
  • Protect from UV
  • Great for children!


  • Lighter and more impact resistance than plastic
  • Protect from UV
  • More scratch resistant than polycarbonate
  • Clearer vision than polycarbonate
  • Great for safety and everyday glasses!

High Index

  • Thinnest lightest lenses available
  • Great for high prescriptions

There are many different coatings and treatments that can be added to your lenses to make your vision more comfortable, healthier and increase the life of your glasses lenses.

  • Anti-reflective coating helps to cut down on glare and reflections that can cause your vision to be blurry and uncomfortable.  It can help to cut down on the glare that others seen on your glasses as well making your lenses almost invisible in pictures and everyday life.
  • Ultra Violet (UV) light can be very harmful to your eye and has been linked to many different eye conditions. A special UV coating can be added to your lenses to help protect your eye from this damage.
  • Scratch-resistant coating can be added to lenses to help reduce those annoying minor scratches that occur with daily wear of your glasses and help increase the life of your glasses.
  • Photochromic or transitions lenses automatically darken when you go outside and lighten again when you return indoors. These lenses are great for people who do lots of outdoor activities and those who are always misplacing their sunglasses.

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